Every Curl In Place!

Every curl in place! ➰ #1 Stop using shampoo! 🙅🏽 Shampoo has ingredients that strip your hair of its natural oils. If you’re complaining that your hair is frizzy, it wants moisture. #2 Check your products! 🔎 Do they contain chemicals that dry your hair out such as silicon, paraben, and sulfate? #3 Trim your […]


Gloria came in today with her main concern being the big F word, Frizz! A lot of curly girls have this in common. Your hair gets frizzy due to lack of moisture. How can you keep moisture in your hair? The first step is to stop shampooing. Gloria walked out with a nice shape today!

Do the products you use contain sulfate?

Do the products you use contain sulfate? Most likely. We can take it one day at a time. I have started by not using products in my hair that contain sulfate. If you knew better, you’d do better.