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I grew my hair passion at a young age. It started from me doing my own hair to avoid my mom combing out my hair. I remember in second grade I told my mom I was going to start doing my own hair and she let me! So at young age I started doing different hair styles and just figuring out my hair.

In 7th grade, smooth and straight hair was in and all the girls my age had relaxers. I joined the crowd and got a relaxer as well. My hair was so shiny and I loved it. I remember before I got the relaxer, my stylist asked me “Britteny, are you sure you want one?” Of course I did!! I didn’t know that I was actually breaking down my hair follicles by putting such a strong chemical on it.

Years go by, and I’m keeping up with my relaxers. I’m getting about 2 a year just to keep my styles longer by laying my hair flatter. When I say styles I am referring to roller sets, roller wraps or an iron out.

When I graduated high school I went straight to Aveda’s Fredric’s Institute to learn everything hair. I remember being in cosmetology school and one of my classmates said “you should cut off all your hair and embrace your natural curl.” I had no idea what she was talking about. I have curls??!!

Years go by and a documentary called “Good Hair” by Chris Rock came out. I heard the information but it didn’t disturb me at that point. I still kept getting relaxers for a couple of years but finally one day I decided I was done with relaxers and wanted to see what MY hair texture was like.

After trying countless products I came across Devacurl. I flew to NYC took their class and the rest is history. I’m devoted to helping people embrace their natural hair. I love when people are completely shocked at what their hair can do.


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